What Printers and Copiers do we service?

We get a lot of inquiries about whether or not we can service a particular brand or model and the answer most often is YES!
If you have any brand of printer, copier, fax, mfp, or roll lamintor, chances are we can take care of it for you.
If you have a – BROTHER – CANON – COPYSTAR – EPSON – HP – IMAGISTICS – KONICA MINOLTA – KYOCERA – LEXMARK – RICOH – SAMSUNG – SHARP – TOSHIBA – XEROX – we service all makes and most models of office machines.

For PRINTERS, COPIERS, MFP’s, and ROLL LAMINATORS give us a call.  

Need Lamination film, or printer toners/inks and copier toners? Check us out, we can often get you unbelievably low prices!

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Canned air and your copier or printer:

I occasionally visit offices that either have canned air or ask me about using it in their equipment.
My feelings are that if you do utilize it, use caution! There are areas of your equipment that are acceptable such as (removable paper drawers) for it’s use, and other areas (most everywhere else) that are not. If it is an area where photo sensors, or optics are located then I would say no. Generally just blowing canned air or other compressed air into your equipment only moves paper dust and toner into areas where it may cause more harm than good. If you see dust it does not mean it’s causing or even will cause a problem. Using compressed/canned air improperly can cause future breakdowns and premature parts failures, like clutches, bearings, motors, and charging components.
My recommendation is to have an experienced technician decide how and when to remove toner, dirt, and other dust. The best way is usually with a specifically designed vacuum for using in and around copiers and printers. They will not likely damage electronic parts or printed wiring boards because they are grounded throughout to prevent static charges from harming your equipment. These “high tech” vacs also have higher levels of filtration than many other standard vacs so your office airspace should not become full of airborne toner particles when in use.

Spring into Action

It’s been a long cold Winter season here in Vermont! So it’s time to schedule your office equipment for a Spring cleaning to restore copy/print quality and inspect/service the imaging, and feeding systems. Why not prevent an untimely breakdown by being a little proactive right now? Schedule the copier or printer cleaning/servicing now at your convenience, rather than risk being down when you need it the most. Besides, if you put it on our schedule to do when we are in your area, you can save $$$ on travel charges!!!

Beware of the toner pirates.

If you’ve heard the term before then probably no explanation is necessary. If not please read on. Occasionally I am contacted by my maintenance contract customers inquiring about a toner sales phone call they think they received from Copierworks.  Well as it most often turns out Copierworks did not call them, and instead it was most likely a “toner pirate” or other toner sales business that called them trying to talk them into buying toner they don’t really need. My Contract customers don’t need to buy toner because it is a covered item under their maintenance contract they have with Copierworks.

I had a customer call earlier this week to make such an inquiry. My customer said someone claiming to be from Copierworks had called and told them they needed to exchange their current spare toner at their office for a new stock which would cost about $400.00. Luckily my customer called me to confirm whether this was legit or necessary before they placed an order! Naturally I told them the call was not from Copierworks, and they did not need to buy any toner or exchange what they had on hand.

These type of “phoney” toner sales tactics have been going on for many years and appear to be continuing. The best thing to do is always call your current service provider and ask questions before completing any type of sales order that was not initiated by you.

Thank you for your time, and I hope you found this article to be informative!

Jim Coates

Firmware updates:

When I tell my customers I am going to perform a firmware update, many of them ask me what a firmware update is all about. While many of them are familiar with the term software, they rarely if ever have heard about firmware. Hopefully I can explain here in brief with sufficient details.

Firmware associated with your machine essentially provides the controlling programs ( or operating instructions within the electronics ) which make your copier, printer, scanner, or fax operate correctly in a unified and smoothly regulated manner.

Initially when your machine is manufactured and tested extensively, everything is done to be sure that it operates correctly and performs reliably. Occasionally however, once machines are in the marketplace operating in more varying environments, with all sorts of unknown demands and stresses placed upon them, technical issues may surface. As a result the manufacturer will get feed back from the field technicians or the consumer, which may indicate a need for improving or modifying the original firmware to enhance the reliability, performance, and even longevity of your equipment. Such things as bugs, component failures, nuisance codes, and the like can often be eliminated or greatly reduced by updated firmware.

This is why it’s important to keep your equipment firmware up to date, because interruptions that can be avoided to keep your office documents flowing smoothly are of great importance to everyone.

Generally a firmware update takes 5-10 minutes, and we do them at no charge when servicing our customers purchased or leased equipment. Most often it’s as simple as plugging in a programmed  flash drive which will replace the old firmware with the updated firmware into your machines electronic circuitry.

Copierworks, provides firmware updates to our customers whenever possible. Sometimes there are several firmware updates over the life of any given model of machine, so it is a good idea to stay current in order to minimize interruptions, and maximize the life of your equipment.

Keeping you updated is part of our business, so stay tuned…

Jim Coates


Copier, Printer, Fax, Laminator, scanner, service, repair and cleaning

As promised yesterday I am back to talk about how and why you should properly clean and service your office equipment. As i mentioned in my last post, at the minimum, an annual servicing is recommended. If your environment is considerably dusty with high traffic in and out of the area where the equipment is placed, I would recommend 6 month intervals.

The biggest reason for regular service:

Most types of dust (dirt, toner, & paper) that get into your machine will not only be abrasive to moving parts, but will also coat other parts causing anything from poor copy/print quality, to paper and document jamming. The longer you leave dirt or toner and paper dust lying around you greatly increase the chances of diminishing your equipments ability to perform in a reliable or dependable manner. A dirty machine will often consume higher amounts of toner as well.

I don’t recommend using any type of compressed or “canned” air on the interior or exterior of your equipment. In doing so you risk the chance of forcing dust particles deeper into unreachable areas of your equipment, especially into the laser unit or other sensitive parts which could fail prematurely due to dirt, toner, and paper dust infiltration. I hope you find that this informative as well as useful for maintaining the good health and longevity of your office equipment!

Best regards,Jim

Annual service required?

I get a fair number of office equipment users ask if they should have annually scheduled service and cleanings. My answer of yes, is always the same. In some high volume accounts servicing/cleanings will be required more frequently. Doing preventive maintenance is a necessity to maintain optimum performance,  to prolong the life of your machine, it’s parts, and as well your TONER. That’s right, if your machine is operating at peak performance levels, you will win all the way around. Getting the ozone, the dirt and the dust out properly will extend your toner yield as well as much else. I’ll talk more about how a professional copier technician gives your equipment a proper cleaning in my next post. Until then, DON”T USE CANNED AIR inside your machine! I’ll explain why soon…


Preventing Paper Jams

Periods of high humidity can affect the copy quality of your printer, fax, or copier. Not only can it dampen your opened paper supplies, but it can also have an effect on some components in the equipment. Symptoms are usually paper jams and light or blurry copies and prints.

A good tip is to keep opened packages of paper in their original packaging and re tape the outer protective layer, or keep unwrapped paper in a tupperware type container to keep the moisture out.

If print quality is an issue especially at the beginning of use each the day, most machines have a drum dry/cleaning mode cycle. This can usually be selected and entered for a couple minute cycle which can really help clean things up in the machine.


Our Copier Machine Parts Have a Long Life

Most of our busines machine products utilize long life components/parts, reducing the frequency of replacement. They will copy, print, scan or fax more images before needing parts replacement and remain in service longer at your office. The impact on recycling and landfills is greatly reduced when you own/operate your office equipment longer and replace parts less often.
A greener life is a longer life.

Visit our website for more information on what we are doing for the environment.

Copierworks Specializes in Superb Service

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