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As promised yesterday I am back to talk about how and why you should properly clean and service your office equipment. As i mentioned in my last post, at the minimum, an annual servicing is recommended. If your environment is considerably dusty with high traffic in and out of the area where the equipment is placed, I would recommend 6 month intervals.

The biggest reason for regular service:

Most types of dust (dirt, toner, & paper) that get into your machine will not only be abrasive to moving parts, but will also coat other parts causing anything from poor copy/print quality, to paper and document jamming. The longer you leave dirt or toner and paper dust lying around you greatly increase the chances of diminishing your equipments ability to perform in a reliable or dependable manner. A dirty machine will often consume higher amounts of toner as well.

I don’t recommend using any type of compressed or “canned” air on the interior or exterior of your equipment. In doing so you risk the chance of forcing dust particles deeper into unreachable areas of your equipment, especially into the laser unit or other sensitive parts which could fail prematurely due to dirt, toner, and paper dust infiltration. I hope you find that this informative as well as useful for maintaining the good health and longevity of your office equipment!

Best regards,Jim

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