Beware of the toner pirates.

If you’ve heard the term before then probably no explanation is necessary. If not please read on. Occasionally I am contacted by my maintenance contract customers inquiring about a toner sales phone call they think they received from Copierworks.  Well as it most often turns out Copierworks did not call them, and instead it was most likely a “toner pirate” or other toner sales business that called them trying to talk them into buying toner they don’t really need. My Contract customers don’t need to buy toner because it is a covered item under their maintenance contract they have with Copierworks.

I had a customer call earlier this week to make such an inquiry. My customer said someone claiming to be from Copierworks had called and told them they needed to exchange their current spare toner at their office for a new stock which would cost about $400.00. Luckily my customer called me to confirm whether this was legit or necessary before they placed an order! Naturally I told them the call was not from Copierworks, and they did not need to buy any toner or exchange what they had on hand.

These type of “phoney” toner sales tactics have been going on for many years and appear to be continuing. The best thing to do is always call your current service provider and ask questions before completing any type of sales order that was not initiated by you.

Thank you for your time, and I hope you found this article to be informative!

Jim Coates

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