Firmware updates:

When I tell my customers I am going to perform a firmware update, many of them ask me what a firmware update is all about. While many of them are familiar with the term software, they rarely if ever have heard about firmware. Hopefully I can explain here in brief with sufficient details.

Firmware associated with your machine essentially provides the controlling programs ( or operating instructions within the electronics ) which make your copier, printer, scanner, or fax operate correctly in a unified and smoothly regulated manner.

Initially when your machine is manufactured and tested extensively, everything is done to be sure that it operates correctly and performs reliably. Occasionally however, once machines are in the marketplace operating in more varying environments, with all sorts of unknown demands and stresses placed upon them, technical issues may surface. As a result the manufacturer will get feed back from the field technicians or the consumer, which may indicate a need for improving or modifying the original firmware to enhance the reliability, performance, and even longevity of your equipment. Such things as bugs, component failures, nuisance codes, and the like can often be eliminated or greatly reduced by updated firmware.

This is why it’s important to keep your equipment firmware up to date, because interruptions that can be avoided to keep your office documents flowing smoothly are of great importance to everyone.

Generally a firmware update takes 5-10 minutes, and we do them at no charge when servicing our customers purchased or leased equipment. Most often it’s as simple as plugging in a programmed¬† flash drive which will replace the old firmware with the updated firmware into your machines electronic circuitry.

Copierworks, provides firmware updates to our customers whenever possible. Sometimes there are several firmware updates over the life of any given model of machine, so it is a good idea to stay current in order to minimize interruptions, and maximize the life of your equipment.

Keeping you updated is part of our business, so stay tuned…

Jim Coates


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